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B Do # of magnets affect the time for a metal"s Curie point?

  1. May 17, 2016 #1
    I'm doing an experiment regarding Nickel's time for a Curie point. The nickel will be connected to a wire on a pendulum and will be attracted to a neodymium magnet, but it will not be touching it. A candle will be placed in front of the magnet so that when the nickel moves toward the magnet as it is attracted to it, the fire will act as a "shield" and prevent the metal from touching the magnet. at a certain point in time, the fire will increase the nickel's temperature until it reaches the Curie point. When this occurs, the metal (Nickel) will retract from the magnet as the atoms will be shuffling around hysterically, making the metal paramagnetic. If I were to add two or more magnets, will that affect the time for the fire to increase Nickel to its Curie point? Any advice is appreciated.

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    how did you come to the conclusion that the flame would stop the nickel moving towards the magnet ?
    after all it isn't a physical barrier, is it ? .... you may have to rethink that bit

    Also you may need to rethink your heat source, I think you will find that the candle will not heat the nickel hot enough to reach its 354 C Curie Point
    a small gas burner is more likely to do the trick

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    Possibly. Look up Specific Heat Capacity. It's the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of a unit mass by one degree K. If you have more mass it will take more energy to raise the temperature. If the heater delivers a constant power then it will take more time to deliver the energy required.
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