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Do pretty girls not care about a guy's education?

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    My mom always used to tell me that girls are attracted to guys with a good education but now I'm thinking it was something she just told to get me to study. I've noticed that I have no more luck with girls than my friends who don't have an education past high school and that in many cases, guys who barely got a high school diploma seem to attract pretty girls whereas I don't.

    I've noticed that in the Super Smash Bros. community many of the professional players spend all their days playing Smash Bros. and get really good at it and most only have a high school diploma and they have beautiful girlfriends whereas I see many of my friends in masters programs and phd programs barely having any success in their love life, let alone an actual pretty girl.

    If I knew I could get a pretty girlfriend by simply just playing video games all day long, I might have chosen a different career path. I mean, I thought girls wanted a guy who could get a stable good-paying job or is this just largely a myth?
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    Perhaps girls, being human beings, like people who are interesting and bring a lot to the table. You can be uneducated and interesting or educated and dull. The person with the steady job will lose to the person with a steady job who also has interesting hobbies that make them enjoyable to be around.

    It is just often (not always) that more educated people can be very interesting.
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    Yeah but what if you suddenly get bad at playing Smash Bros. and no longer cna win tournament prizes, then you have no income and no education to rely on? Wouldn't it be more wise for girls to choose a guy that has a steady income? A guy who is actually smart?
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    It's not all about jobs. Yeah, it's great to not have to worry about finances, but is that a reason to start dating someone in the first place? Hardly.

    You just have to be interesting. I'm not talking about feeling like you're interesting. You may have the most interesting thoughts in the world, but girls can't read your thoughts. It's not about what goes on in your brain, but about how who you are manifests in the real world. Are you nice? What do you do about it? Or in this case, are you smart? Okay, fine and dandy, but what do you do about that? Do you keep it to yourself and just think about physics, or do you spread your enthusiasm to others around you? Do you do any interesting projects? Any interesting research? You're nice--do you just say please and thank you a lot or do you go out and volunteer for charities? Because anyone can do the former, but niceness really manifests itself in the latter. The majority of people have steady jobs. What makes you stand out?

    Girls are our fellow human beings. They're not exactly hard to figure out. They can't read your mind, so all they can look at is what you do with your life. Do you live your life in a way that would make people say "wow, he's interesting. I'd like to have him as a part of my life"?

    Remember, they can't read your thoughts. It's all about what you do with your thoughts.

    It may be that those people playing super smash brothers have other interesting qualities that make people want to be around them.

    I think this is the criterion we all apply to those around us. We like to be around people who are interesting.
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    There's a certain percentage of women who will do that; marry the dull, stable guy with a good income.

    According to various women, however, their attraction to men is an ineffable thing. It can't be easily reduced to things like level of education.

    I, Zooby, have interviewed thousands of women in a search for the things that actually do attract them, the things they can't put into words, but which operate on them at a primal level, causing certain men to be irresistible to them.

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    Girls are human beings. They like being treated well, having fun, and being made to feel safe, loved, and valued. None of those things have anything to do with level of education or income.

    If you think girls should like you for your education and career prospects, then you're just trying to find gold-diggers who marry you for your money (and probably later divorce you and take half of it). If you actually get a good job and make a lot of money, you'll find there's plenty of gold diggers out there who'll come around.

    If you want real love and affection from a girl, try just thinking of them as human beings instead of some achievement you need to round off your trophy cabinet.
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    Do you want to be a physicist, or not? Do you want to do something meaningful with your life, or not? Then what are you doing thinking about girls when there are so many problems in J.D. Jackson's Electrodynamics? And what about all the missing steps in Sakurai? You think Feynman spent his time fooling around chasing---oh, wait. Sorry, never mind. :wink:
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    You keep saying over and over that you want pretty girls, is that all that matters to you? Could be why you can't get one.

    Also, sounds like maybe you're in your teens or maybe college? What women want from a partner/potential husband and what some girls want for short term fun are usually two very different things. Stop worrying about it and pursue your education and career, later on you may find that you are the one with a smart, loving woman by your side and they have a dumb bimbo.
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    just get money and you'll have your pick of the litter.:wink:
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    Well let's look around the internet a little shall we...
    (apparently "vampire" is an occupation... who knew?)

    I don't see video-game player anywhere.

    Oddly, "physicist" doesn't seem to be up there either.

    The polls must be wrong!
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    I know others have covered this but it's so important (and common in this subforum) it deserves repeating: Women.are.just.as.diverse.as.men! There are women who want rich partners, women who want partners with interesting jobs, women who want partners that like to travel, women who want partners they can play videogames with, women who want partners but can't get one and are upset because their mum always told them men like educated girls etcetera etcetera.

    Anytime you hear anyone say "Girls like..." do a little mental exercise, replace "girl/woman" with "boy/man". Does the generalisation seem reasonable to you? Does it apply to you? I'd wager most of the time the answer is no with the possible exception of very broad positive things like being kind and caring.

    OP if you want a girlfriend then socialise. Meet people, meet girls, ask them out and see where it goes.
  13. Jul 30, 2015 #12
    You kind of need to be able to talk because if you can't then it doesn't matter if you have a certificate on paper. Maybe you lack conversation skills? Possibly a bit awkward? You seem to be keen on "studying, studying, studying" as if that is all you need to get a girl.
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    Reminds me of when my mom told me girls like guys that can play guitar and sing lol. I don't think having accomplished something/being able to do something will instantly make a girl attracted to you though.
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    Logically, a pretty woman wants to marry a man with a good education that provides security, but wants a man good at video games to father her children.

    And what's up with the focus on pretty girls? Didn't you listen to the song?

  16. Oct 21, 2015 #15
    Who are you to decide what is and what isn't right for someone you don't even know? You shouldn't worry about such things. People are people, dissecting one's personality or preferences is not a logically tackleable task.

    You get together with someone and lo' and behold, you find it comforting having them around.. or you don't.
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    Girls want boys with swag.
    Women want men with style.
    Ladies want gentlemen with class.

    So to answer your question, no, I don't really think girls care about education, but women and ladies do. How old are you?
  18. Dec 8, 2015 #17
    You think so? I'm 45 yo, I'm married, and I still don't know about woman.
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    What it all boils down to is primal instinct over practical decision making. Most educated men and women are a certain type. Book worms, intellectual, non-athletic, and live by brain power. The less educated are sometimes the opposite, hands on learners, nonintellectual, athletic, and live by physical prowess. Evolutionary biology is programed into the human brain. What we usually equate with "pretty" or "beautiful women" is symmetric, sleek, toned bodies. And an over all healthy look. The reason is simple, you aren't looking at a ( symmetric, sleek, toned body ) as much as your brain is picking up on ( good healthy gene indications ), therefore you become physically and romantically attracted to the best possible chance of mating to produce healthy strong and prosperous offspring. And likewise these beauties are most often physically attracted to symmetric, sleek, toned bodies of their male counter parts. Occasionally you find these women attracted to wealth instead, but this to can be linked to biology, health + physical prowess = strong genetic compatibility, strong offspring, strong provider, better survival, also Wealth + intelligence = strong probability of smart offspring, financial stability, better survival. The former often out weighs the latter.
  20. Dec 8, 2015 #19


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    This is rubbish. There are myriad studies showing education is negatively correlated to obesity.

    http://www.oecd.org/eco/growth/relationship education and obesity.pdf

    It's pretty easy to see in the real world, look at the average weight seen in the poor part of town to the rich - It's astounding, at least where I live. (Wealth correlates strongly to education)
  21. Dec 8, 2015 #20
    Who said anything about obesity? Genetics have long been proven as indicators of mating preference. Look at a magazine and see if you can find any underwear models that look like Bill Nye or Bill Gates, neither one is obese. Then look for models that look like Brad Pitt!
  22. Dec 8, 2015 #21


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    I don't think one can be both athletic and obese. Do you?
    I think obesity is a good proxy for being un-athletic so saying the uneducated are more athletic goes against all the evidence I've seen. Can you provide any contrary evidence?

    Neither Pitts nor Gates graduated college but it looks like Pitt got closer.
    Being of normal weight is a requirement of underwear models - So evidence suggest they are more likely to be educated.
    Clearly body weight is not the only requirement - Attractiveness is also required. Attractiveness has been linked to higher IQ (which of course is strongly linked to education level)

    So regardless of your own opinion, the evidence shows that attractive, athletic people, including underwear models, have higher IQ and education than (excuse the bluntness) fat ugly people.
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    Observation vs interpretation. :P
  24. Dec 8, 2015 #23


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    People are diverse. That's all the answer that is needed, no need to descend into anecdotes. Thread locked.
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