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Do you know any professors working on Accelerator-Driven Nuclear Reactors?

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    I have just finished my PhD in Statistics. My Masters Dissertation was on the topic of Accelerator Driven Nuclear Energy Systems. I would be very interested in continuing research on the subject as a post-doctoral student.
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    I don't know anybody personally (beyond casual), but you could look at CEN/SCK:
    http://www.sckcen.be/en/Our-Research/Research-projects/EU-projects-FP6-FP7/EUROTRANS [Broken]
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    There are programs in the US, Europe and Asia.

    Accelerator-driven Nuclear Energy

    Fast Reactors and Accelerator Driven Systems Knowledge Base


    IAEA-TECDOC--1356: Emerging nuclear energy and transmutation systems: Core physics and engineering aspects

    I believe UIUC, U of Wisconsin, UCal-Berkeley, MIT, Texas A&M, U of Florida-Gainesville, and others have ADS in their Nuclear Eng programs.
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    Thank you very much. Could anyone please give me some information on professors in Eastern USA working in that area.
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    How far east. Are Illinois or Wisconsin considered to far west?

    Meanwhile - check some of these theses - http://www.studentpipeline.org/afci/ms/theses.html [Broken] - which include some ADS topics and which give one an idea where research is being done.

    I'll see if I can identify specific programs later.
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    Hi there, our group at Manchester University is working on ADSRs, and we have a test accelerator being constructed at Daresbury Laboratory to test a new proton driver concept. Please drop us a line at: http://www.hep.manchester.ac.uk/accelerators/
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