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Do you know any properties of photons?

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    If there are real photons it might be considered reasonable to assume that each photon has certain properties. Here I am interested in finding out all known photon properties, initially by means of making a list. I have started a list and would appreciate if any additions are made to it. I would also appreciate comments, such as if it is considered that there are certain thing(s) on the list shouldn't be there. Thank you.

    1. Photons have zero mass.
    2. All photons travel at the same speed in vacuum.
    3. They carry energy.
    4. They carry momentum
    5. They are related to electromagnetic waves and each photon has a frequency.
    6. Each photon can contribute to a diffraction/interference pattern.
    7. Photons are destroyed when they are detected.
    8. Each photon has a certain spin.
    9. Each photon has state of polarisation which is related to its spin.
    10. Photons can be deflected due to gravitational effects.

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    Vanadium 50

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    First, a list of properties is probably the worst way to understand things. Not everything reduces to sound bites.

    Second, our experience here is that the strategy of posting statements that are not true in the hopes of getting them corrected is not just inefficient way to learn but also historically a technique that drives the people trying to help crazy.

    The tread is closed.
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