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DOE judges IFR best reactor design

  1. I agree

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    Cool. I read the link, and it seems like a good analysis. Personally, I don't know that the IFR technology is developed enough to be sure that it will be able to reach its theoretical potential. Certainly would be amazing technology.
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    CANDU looks right up there?
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    I would need more information, e.g., the 27 criteria.
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    No one has ever built an IPSR let alone operated it.

    Would like to see some OE before deciding.
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    Definitely, one would have to be constructed - but few a willing to pony up the money.

    This might be of interest.
    http://gif.inel.gov/roadmap/pdfs/003_r_d_scope_report_for_water-cooled_reactor_systems.pdf [Broken]

    http://www.ornl.gov/~webworks/cppr/y2001/pres/121500.pdf [Broken]

    IPSR is Integrated/Integral Primary System Reactor where the steam generator is contained within the pressure vessel, which traditionally contains the core.

    The Westinghouse IRIS concept is an example. The NuScale concept is another example.
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