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Does a symbol exist for this operation?

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    (*)_pq = 1 if p> q else 0

    This is kinda like kronecker delta in that its a relational operation. Any clue?
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    I think something with characteristic functions would work. Maybe something like

    a_{pq} = \chi_{(q, \infty)}(p)

    \chi_A(x) =
    0 & \text{if} \; \; x \notin A \\
    1 & \text{if} \; \; x \in A \; .
    Does that help? Are p and q real numbers?
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    the Heaviside step function can also be used for this (just a special case of a characteristic function):

    [itex]u(t)[/itex] is 1 for [itex]t>0[/itex] and 0 for [itex]t<0[/itex].

    Some folks capitalize the U.

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