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Does anyone else feel guilty buying books?

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    Why do I feel so guilty about buying books? Textbooks are no-brainers; those are non-optional but even stuff that's 'educational' and related to my field makes me feel uneasy purchasing. I guess it's the way I was raised, I always hear my mother's voice in my head going 'You could just check that out from the library!' but it's not the same as owning a copy and marking it up though.

    Am I the only one who thinks like this sometimes?
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    I always feel guilty spending money on anything other than books!
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    No. You should own books. I feel guilty when I look at a book from the library, benefit from it, and not buy it. Especially those monographs.
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    I feel guilty whenever I spend more than what is required:(.

    In last 2 months, spent 600$ buying a new crappy - not much of use -computer (parent's money :cry:) and then spent 42$ buying some led lights, inductors, voltmeter etc (from my pocket so bit less guilt). The guilt would go away, once I make about 500$ more out of my new crappy computer and make something interesting out of that 42$ junk :).

    As for books, I would wait for few months before judging how much I spent and how much I got out of it.
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    I have many books that I never opened when I bought them. But when needed, I just had to reach into the book case. In contrast, if I had to make a trip to the library I would lose inspiration at the time and not read the book. Probably because of ADD.
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    Buying books is one of my favorite things to do. Besides the sub-par service of the minimum wage teenagers who work the major chains, the whole experiences is fun. Driving with the intent of picking up something that will expand my mind. Getting to the store, and choosing between which publication I prefer, the original cover from the 1970's, or the new 25th anniversary cover? Then, reading it a bit in the store and not worrying about breaking the spine after I've read the first few pages because I know it's going home with me.

    Yeah. I wish the bookstores around here were open right now. Doh!
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    I love buying books, but I also live one block away from the library, so I use that a lot too. They opened a coffee shop/ used book store in the basement, a great place to hang out.
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    I have an addiction to books. I always have a book on hand to read and am quit anxious if I do not. I once spent nearly a hundred dollars on used paperbacks. I often feel somewhat guilty but then I start to wonder why I should be feeling guilty about buying books. Books are good. Reading is good. What's to feel guilty about?
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    I don't feel guilty about buying books. When I bought my third yacht and realized that my neighbor only had one, I felt a little guilty. But then I gave him one of mine so we would be equal and then I felt better.
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    You socialist!
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    Perhaps my craziness is unfounded. I will agree that buying books is a thrill but if I buy them and then never read them thoroughly I feel incredibly guilty, like if I invited a friend over to visit and spent the entire visit ignoring them. Now I have to go to the bookstore again, damnit.

    If there was a magical land where books were plentiful and cheap I don't think I'd ever come out of my room. It's probably better that there isn't :]
  13. Mar 16, 2009 #12
    Isn't it called a library?

    Some people like to get themselves a treat whenever they go shopping. I just get a few books from the library - no need to spend any money.

    The trouble is that I end up with so many library books to read that I never get round to reading the books I actually buy.
  14. Mar 16, 2009 #13
    I have many books that I bought 40 years ago in college, some of which I have not read all the way through. Even so, I know what sort of information is in each one, and if I need more of a particular type of technical information, I usually have a book that will give it to me. Obviously some things get dated, but other information is never dated. I am very attached to my library of around 2000 books (down from 3000 before the last move).
  15. Mar 16, 2009 #14
    That also happens to me.

    I have access to many thousands of books :biggrin:
    from home:
    15 minutes walk to a technical college (not university) ,
    15 minutes to the city library - there are about 5 libraries in my city and all connected (many many thousands of books),
    about five libraries again
    and it has few colleges nearby :biggrin:
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