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Does Bromine (Br2) dissolve in water?

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    Having trouble finding specifics about solubility of Bromine in water. I've read that it will not dissolve if present in small amounts. How much is small amounts?

    Also, what about Iodine (I2) and Fluorine (F2).

    In specific, I am looking for a nonpolar solute to increase the density of oil and the oil mixture should not be miscible with water.

    I would appreciate all the help I can get.
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    I recall many years back, we stocked in the lab I worked in, Bromine in solution in water. Extremely concentrated to the extent that it "Smoked" when you removed the stopper. It had to be stored in a chiller in a bottle with a ground-glass stopper. The colour was a very deep red. Vile stuff. The vapour was as choking as Chlorine.
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