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Does it make sense to study old (stringless) twistor theory nowadays?

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    Does it make sense to study old (stringless) twistor theory nowadays?
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    Isn't the currently-popular and allegedly promising "Amplituhedron" based on twistor theory?
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    The fact is that I don´t know if the amplituhedron is based on twistor theory or on twistor-STRING theory. :confused:
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    I got this from Wikipedia, but, you know, the references aren´t enough.

    Twistor string theory[edit]
    Main article: Twistor string theory
    For many years after Penrose's foundational 1967 paper, twistor theory progressed slowly, in part because of mathematical challenges. Twistor theory also seemed unrelated to ideas in mainstream physics. While twistor theory appeared to say something about quantum gravity, its potential contributions to understanding the other fundamental interactions and particle physics were less obvious.

    Witten (2003) proposed a connection between string theory and twistor geometry, called twistor string theory. Witten (2004)[2] built on this insight to propose a way to do string theory in twistor space, whose dimensionality is necessarily the same as that of 3+1 Minkowski spacetime. Although Witten has said that "I think twistor string theory is something that only partly works," his work has given new life to the twistor research program. For example, twistor string theory may simplify calculating scattering amplitudes from Feynman diagrams by using a geometric structure called an amplituhedron.
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    It was also proposed a conection to supergravity.
    and to loop quantum gravity
    http://arxiv.org/abs/1311.3279 and http://arxiv.org/abs/1201.2120
    it seems that you could deform LQG and add extra dimensions and supersymetry. It´s called Loop quantum Supergravity :yuck:

    Seems like something interesting is going to emerge, since string theory and supergravity are related because of SUSY and (of course) because of M-theory
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    Sounds like that they are fixing us a good salad, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, so that no one can understand...
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    Actually, I don't think so. Though it's clear that recent developments have shown us that we have a lot of work to do, I don't thing it's a salad. It seems to me like different aproximations to an underlying thing..... (I know it sound a bit like M-theory :tongue: ).

    The Relations between LQG and SuSY and string theory in one hand, and between LQG and twistor theory, on the other hand, are, if you want, questionable. However, the relations between Twistors, String theory, the Amplituhedron, SuSy, and SuGra are firmly established, and aren't mere coincidences.
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