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Does metal coating on porous silicon have any effect on band structure?

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    Metal nanoparticles (Au, Ag, Al or ...) can coat on porous silicon, the particles can be located inside the pores or on the silicon micro/nano structures. By applying this type of coating is there any change in band structure of porous silicon? As I've measured the band gap has changed.
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    Yes, there can surely be changes in band structure, specially in the interface, where the interaction between Si electrons with the metalic particle is stronger.
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    Thank you Foder. I've dispersed nano particles in water then dropped it on the porous silicon. After evaporating of water the Ag nanoparticles were located on PSi surface, so Ag particles cannot diffuse in the Si structures. It is like a sprinkle of Ag nanopowder on the PSi surface, how they can make a bond without any external force such as heat?
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