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Does Shape Determine Frequency?

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    Can intense harmonic vibrations cause an object to change shape to match the source or take that shape if it is plastic?
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    Can you be a little more specific? What kind of object? What kind of shape?
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    in a general way yes....Have you seen BIG Bang theory program where the guys place flour and water in a container subject to acoustic vibrations.....

    but as already implied in the above post, different conditions mean different results.

    I checked here just to see the definition of "plastic".....LOTS of different formulations as I suspected.
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    Such as a rectangular quartz crystal oscillator. Other shapes too of the same material.

    By an object I mean something liquid that will also crystallize like liquid that can crystallize. I'm not sure if liquid crystal inside of lcds count. Even a metal object could be it if it were subject to the vibrations.

    If this wouldn't work with harmonic vibrations would intense electromagnetic vibrations of a single frequency have this effect on matter?
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