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Does space and matter co-exist?

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    This is a wierd question... Imagine we had a cubic mile of space. If we where to fill that space with matter, what would happen to the space we just filled? It would get warped and curved because of the mass, does that suggest that there is actually something there co-existing with the mass to warp/curve?
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    There is no need to add anything else. Occam's razor.
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    You seem to be under the impression that matter "displaces" space. That's not true. If you fill a cubic mile of space with matter, you still have a cubic mile of space.
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    A cubic mile is no longer a cubic mile when it is filled with matter.
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    Isn't there much speculation about this? I am under the impression that the string theory states that in empty space, strings are nonvibrating, and when mass arrives the strings begins to vibrate.

    I am not sure, but it sounded relevant here.
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