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Homework Help: Does the ball clear the net? Please help, thanks in advance?

  1. Sep 26, 2008 #1
    Does the ball clear the net?? Please help, thanks in advance?

    A tennis player hits a ball 2.0m above the ground. The ball leaves his racquet with a speed of 22.0m/s at an angle 4.5 degrees above the horizontal. The horizontal distance to the net is 7.0 m, and the net is 1.0 high.

    i know that the ball clears the net .. right..?? i figured that out only by looking at the distance to the net which is 7 and divided it by 2 to get the max. which is 3.5.. and i think that with an angle of 4.5 degrees the ball clears the net.. but i have no idea how to figure out by how much??
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    Re: Does the ball clear the net?? Please help, thanks in advance?

    Yes but you can figure it our more exactly. What is it's vertical Y velocity component? And its X.
    The x component gives you the time to net.
    The y velocity and that time and gravity give you the height at net.
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