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Homework Help: Does the color of a laser affect its velocity of the light wave projected by it?

  1. Jul 31, 2011 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Thought Project 7 Skill Level III Problem
    Laser, which use light rays of set wavelengths (colors), are in constant use in our world, in everything from surgery to supermarket checkout scanners.

    Execute the necessary research to determine whether the color of a laser affects the velocity of the light wave projected by the laser.
    Remember to cite the sources you used.

    2. Relevant equations

    I do not have any equations. There was none give for this problem. But, skill level I and skill level II both us the distance=rate x Time formula. I might assume I will be using a variety of it again.

    3. The attempt at a solution

    I cannot attempt to solve the problem because I do not know the equation or even where to begin. When we did Thought Project 5 Colors I use this pdf file to help on a skill level problem and I not sure if it help on this problem and it does have some equation that I not sure if is the one I need. http://www.physics.uc.edu/~sitko/ReflectanceSpectroscopy.pdf"

    I post help in the wrong area my second night on this forum. And now it will be too late for anyone to help. My assignment in due Monday night. August 2, 2011 I now it is against the rules but I need help more than a normal person for I suffer from a Written Expression Learning Disability.
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    One of the basic ideas of modern physics is that the speed of light is constant, regardless of the wavelength. This should be easily found in any introductory physics textbook, even for non-science majors.
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    Thank you.

    Are Strategies for Problem Solving Workbook is limited on information. I end up depending on Internet. Some question get no hits other give so much I do not know where to start. I personal only have one Pre-Algebra and one Algebra textbook. I have no Physics book. Which I did. Even the class workbook with a disc which also give me another Pre-Algebra book in pdf file format. I wish they had include a Physics book. Or ITT Tech campus only has a virtually library and extremely limit on any available books. I go check them and see if they have a physics book. I did see some science type magazines.
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    Indeed, the speed of any electro-magnetic wave, and all colors of light are electromagnetic wave, have the same speed in vacuum, in any frame of reference. However, the speed of light in air, water, glass, or other transparent substance is dependent on the frequency (which determines color).
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    the speed of light is the constant that allows the formula Wavelengthxfrequency= Velocity to work so well. If the wavelength lengthens the frequency must lessen proportionally. pretty cool IMO
  7. Aug 7, 2011 #6
    thanks for the help
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