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Homework Help: Does the reaction between H2SO4 and NH4OH produces ammonia?

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    i want to know if the reaction between H2SO4 and NH4OH produces ammonia..
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    hey can you help me out? i want to know if the reaction between H2SO4 and NH4OH produces ammonia.. ? :S plz! lol:cool:
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    Looks like it'd be a basic neutralization reaction, producing ammonia sulfate and water as products. I suppose that'd leave a little ammonia from the ammonia sulfate dissociating in solution, but other than that, no, it's not going to like, give off gaseous ammonia.
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    no, they produce ammonium sulphate (a salt)

    this reaction is used to make fertilizer.

    If you have some NH4OH you already have a solution of ammonia in water. Simply heating this solution will give you ammonia.

    NH4OH --> NH3 + H2O
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    Sulfuric acid acidifies your system and protonates any ammonia that is formed.
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