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Does three Dimension realy exsist and why?

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    Just wondering why everything measurable in the universe appears in 3 dimensions?(as far as I know!)
    And why universe build up(objects) based on three dimensions ?is that anything to do with thermodynamic(Entropy)?

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    You are almost close to understanding the starting phase of three dimensions you see we live in a dimension where every thing is three dimensional size's if we were able to access different dimensions we would have a better understanding of that now the part of thermodynamic entropy well it is relevant to the topic because the universe is made of waves of heat signatures called quanta you will know once you understand cosmology and so fourth.
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    Because our universe has three dimensions of space. You can't have a four-dimensional object in three-dimensional universe. And when the building blocks of matter are themselves three-dimensional, it's not possible to have an actual one or two-dimensional object either.
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