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Does your computer reflect your personality

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    Mine does, its old but still in good condition, its as fast as i am because i am putting in the input, its shinny on top like me and procrastinate like me.
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    Maybe your desktop background has some indication of personality as well
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    I have a gaming rig named Clubber Lang.

    http://theeradicatorreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Clubber-Lang-Mr.-T-Rocky-III.jpg [Broken]

    I think most would say it does not reflect my personality outside of computer related activities.
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    Mine is full of pictures of stars and nebula and the background is a 12 cube so I suppose it reflects my love for maths and learning about the universe.
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    Kinda old but still getting along...slow...battery died a while back, won't recharge...the "N" key is naked...has a chronically sticky mouse...

    Oh I hope not.
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    Yup. Always clean. No temporary files, no bunch of startup programs or services slowing me down, no nothing. Very slim and fast. Really clean and pleasant to work with......

    Except my Downloads folder. Don't get in there, it's a maze with over 100,000 files (all kind of IDEs with libraries and stuff). You will never get out alive.
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