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Double slit experiment in a Bubble Chamber

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    Has this type of experiment ever been performed?
    Firing electrons one at a time we can easily get the which-path information and see if interference dissapears or not. What actually happens?

    Also, if we do the double slit experiment with a usual laser but in a smoked enviroment (in order to see the tracks before and after the slits) what would then happen?
    But for this i actually got an idea. The tracks of the photons in the smoke are not equivalent to the tracks of the electrons in a bubble chamber because in the first case the photons are either absorbed or scattered by the atoms. So the photons that actually reach the wall after the slits havent interacted with the smoke ==> we will observe the interference pattern. Is the idea correct?
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    The pattern would not be there in either case, if you measure which way the particle is going at all it destroys entanglement information. Also, the particles that made it through the smoke undisturbed would in itself have been measured to NOT be in the areas of the smoke particles, which is measurement enough so they to would lose their entanglement information.
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