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Homework Help: DOUBLE slit interference experiment

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    the double slit interference experiment is set up and the fringes are displayed on screen. Then the whole apparatus is immersed in the nearest swimming pool. How does the fringe pattern change?? Which website I can get information?? Thanks.
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    This is a homework problem correct? (I believe I have seen it on mastering physics.)

    First, if you post your thoughts on the problem to show you have made some effort you can get help in the homework help forms here. Also, if you want a good website for summaries of intro physics topics you can try:

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    No, it's past yr question. I dun understand wat question is ??? no idea.. I oledi tried to search information on internet.. still can't get it.....

    when the whole apparatus place on the table, dark & light pattern display on the screen if using light source.

    do u think the whole apparatus including light source is immersed in the water????? or using other source???
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    picture it this way, instead of doing the experiment in air, you are doing it in water.

    what is the formula concerning the fringe separation? which of the parameters in it changes when the wave is traveling in water and not in air?
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