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Double-Slit time reversal leads to fractal multiple universe theory?

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    I was thinking about the time reversal explanation of the double slit experiment, where the anti-wave-particle goes back in time and interferes with the wave-particle that we observed hit the target.

    Since we don't actually observe this phantom particle that is traveling back in time (and going through the other slit), it must only exist in our universe when it hits the target, and prior thereto it exists in "another" universe.

    I am a proponent of multiple universe theory, and the above got me thinking about the infinite branching nature of universes in multiple universe theory. If you imagine the typical infinite splitting of the universe into other universes every time a wave function collapses, you can imagine a tree branch with infinite branches. However, since we know that there is a time reversal built into the nature of the universe (assuming CPT symmetry), every time you go down a branch, the branch 'curls in on it self' and goes back the other way, itself branching infinite branches in the time reversal direction. Since this happens infinite times every time a wave function collapses, I imagine some sort of fractal supra-dimension of time, where if you were to trace the time-like path of a particle along the tree, you would be graphing a fractaline path.

    So, if time operates in this fashion, is there any way we can model it? I find it rather hard to comprehend, since at every moment that the particle moves towards the slit and through it towards the target, and for each and every of the infinite paths it might take, and at each of the infinitely different moments of its travel (unless time and space are quantized), it splits not only forwards in time into infinite universes, but backwards in time into infinite universes as well. If this is the case, wouldn't time have a fractal dimension greater than 1?
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    The observations of the double slit experiment are explainable without time-reversal, my friend....:)
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    Yes I know . . .

    I wouldn't be asking questions if I wasn't focusing on the advanced wave solution to Maxwell's Equations. . .

    See the discussion at:
    regarding Advanced Waves and
    and The Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment

    Just because we don't 'observe' waves traveling backwards in time doesn't mean that we should discard a solution. . .

    I was wondering if anybody had expounded on the implications of Advanced Waves on Multiple Universe Theory.
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