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Doubts regarding Electrical Eng. and Electronics Eng.

  1. Dec 9, 2015 #1
    Hello, everybody

    First some context:
    I live in Argentina and I'm a few months away from starting my first year of college. In here they make the distinction between Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering (and then there's also Informatics Engineering which I think is the equivalent of Computer Engineering).

    I applied for Electrical Engineering since one of the fields I'm interested in the most is electricity and the means to generate it. It also seems to be broad enough for me to keep my options open.

    However, I've recently watched a video made by the faculty I enrolled in which talked about the Elecronics Engineering Degree as "one that allows you to get involved in any field of engineering" and then they mention a few of them and the ones that particularly caught my eye were Robotic Devices (which they also related to Electric Vehicles), and the development of Renewable Energies (which all of these I related to Electrical Engineering). They also mentioned its involvement in Bioengineering (which I find it to be really interesting) and IT Systems.

    So, I'd really like it if someone could explain to me in which ways are these fields involved with Electronics Engineering and how different would its involvement be compared to Electrical Eng.

    A few notes:
    I'm positive that I'll find a lot of guidance during my first year and if I ended up switching careers I wouldn't have lost time at all anyways.
    It is worth noting that I'm not pursuing an engineering degree with the only purpose of working in something that focuses ONLY in whichever engineering degree I get. I want to study for pure love of science and I want to apply it in a field that contributes to the development of mankind (hence my interest in renewable energies, EVs, Bioengineering and even A.I.). So, I know it's unlikely for me to get involved in ALL of those but it would be nice to have the tools necessary to get involved in any or most of those professionally.

    I hope you guys can share with me your knowledge regarding these subjects and perhaps some advice for those that want to.

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    Comparing the curriculums is a good start, they may only differ by a few papers in years 3 & 4. You may be able to decide later on when you have a better idea of what you like.
  4. Dec 12, 2015 #3
    A general difference is the concept of information, which is more present in electronics: in electronics you study tensions and current as means to bring and store information, like some kind of data/message.
    In electric engineering you have less emphasys on this, and maybe more on how to use energy/power. Its like the difference between the current that runs in your computer or in your house.
    then ofc you will have many analogies between them and similar exams, and this distinction between the 2 is not strict
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