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Homework Help: Drawing a vector from the x and y components.

  1. Sep 5, 2010 #1
    Hey everybody, sorry if I sound like a noob, but I keep emailing my teacher and he doesn't respond, I would really appreciate it if someone could help me understand these types of problems.


    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Each of the following vectors is given in terms of its x and y components. Draw the vector, label an angle that specifies the vector direction, then find the vector's magnitude and direction.
    a. v(sub)x=20m/s, v(sub)y=40m/s
    b. a(sub)x=2.0m/s^2, a(sub)y=-6.0m/s^2

    P.S. I'm not looking for anyone to give me the answer I just would like to know how to go about solving them.
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    Draw a sketch. The x and y components are the legs of a right triangle. Use the Pythagorean Theorem and trig for the solution.
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    Thanks for your quick reply!
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