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Drawing Resistors/Springs circuits?

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    Drawing Resistors/Springs circuits??

    I am looking for a simple (and free) way to draw resistors and springs and simple block diagrams with labels so that I can insert them into my LaTeX documents.

    Anyone know of any solutions? I am currently looking at the Excel drawing menu to see of there is something usable there. Then I can just screenshot it.

    It doesn't have to be elegant. But I would really like to have a way of labeling the diagrams parts (i.e. resistance, spring constent, etc.).

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    Re: Drawing Resistors/Springs circuits??

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    Re: Drawing Resistors/Springs circuits??

    I tried WinFig to no avail (had major install problems). I also tried TinyCAD which worked OK. But with TinyCAD you can't rotate a resistance to a 45 deg angle. Only increments of 90 degrees. I would like to be able to rotate the resistance freely or at least in 45 degree increments.

    I am really trying to draw out Mass-spring-damper Free body diagrams, but resistances are generally the same symbol as a spring. However a simple damper symbol would be nice, but probably asking for too much.

    any other ideas?

    EDIT: This is actually exactly what I want to draw (and the likeness).

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    Re: Drawing Resistors/Springs circuits??

    How about Jfig? It's Xfig but written in Java, so should work on Windows without any problems.
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    Re: Drawing Resistors/Springs circuits??

    I'll check it out, but one if the things I noticed about winfig was that in order to register it they wanted $$. It was a little confusing.
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