Driver for soundblaster soundcard

  1. I recently installed a new hard drive into my computer. My speakers now don't work and I have been told that this is because I have to reinstall the driver for my Soundblatser Soundcard.
    My 1st problem is that I do not know exactly what spec of soundcard I have. Is there any hardware detection programme that can tell me that?
    Secondly, when I do establish the spec of the soundcard, where can I obtain the driver? Will I be able to download it free of charge anywhere?
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  3. Borek

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    Sound Blaster cards are made by Creative Labs. Go to and search the site.
  4. Mech_Engineer

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    The only really foolproof way to see what you have is open up the computer and look. Sometimes Windows Update will detect your hardware and automatically install a driver for it though.
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    The good news is that once you determine what driver you need, the driver itself will be free. I've never seen drivers that cost money.
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