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Homework Help: Drop a bowling ball through the middle of the earth

  1. Jun 7, 2009 #1
    1. What would happen if you drill a hole that ran from the North pole to the South pole and then drop a bowling ball into the hole?
    2. If you fire one bullet straight up (90 degrees from horizon) and one bullet at 45 degrees angle to the horizon which one hits the ground first?
    3. If you spin Earth 5 times faster than its present once a day rotation, would gravity significantly increase?
    4. If you drop a bowling ball from 10 feet up and simultaneously fire a bullet parallel to the horizon which would hit the ground first?
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    Re: Gravity

    What are your thoughts on these questions?
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    Re: Gravity

    ans1:the ball would undergo simple harmonic motion i.e(it would not appear at the other end)
    ans 2:the bullet fired 45 degrees to horizon would reach first
    ans 3:no it would not affect gravity in any way
    ans 4:this question seems baseless,please explain it better!!
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    Re: Gravity

    1. The bowling ball would melt first? Depends. Is there a bowler attached to it?
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