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Dropped some Water in my Laptop. What to do?

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    Hi, all:

    I dropped some warm water yesterday; around 1.5 ounces in the keyboard of my laptop,
    an HP G72: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02623152.pdf . I'm not knowledgeable-enough to experiment when it involves opening-up the computer to inspect for motherboard damage, which is what I think happened.

    I used a napkin to dry it out right away, but the computer is not working right; some keys
    in the keyboard are typing the incorrect letter and some are not producing any input at all. What's the best thing to do? Please note that I will not be able to answer right away; I borrowed a laptop
    and I must return it in a few hours. Any suggestions, please?
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    I dropped my phone in the toilet once and it dried and worked. I suspect the laptop is more vulnerable. It might be a lost cause if after it completely dries it doesn't work.
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    Try that with sunglasses that flush down the toilet and block it all up. Toilet had to be removed to dig the damn things out. No damage to the sunglasses - they just became that much more of an expensive brand.
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    you could let it dry out or use compressed air to dry the keyboard. Removing keycaps may help with getting where the wetness is.
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    Thanks, RobPhy, all; Re RobPhy's list, I think I can handle most steps, except I'm worried about the issue of static electricityanyone know if putting the computer on top of the AC would help?
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    open it up, dry it out really well, put it back together. pray a little.
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