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Dual Degree - Computer Science & Biomedical Engineering?

  1. May 5, 2012 #1
    Hey everyone,
    I am currently pursuing a BS in Computer Science and am about half way through. I am really enjoying the program and want to finish it. I have also taken an interest in Biomedical Engineering and was considering starting on a BS in this area after I finished my degree in Computer Science.
    I was wondering if anyone knew if it would be beneficial at all for me to have a Degree in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering? My ideal job would be to work in the field Research and Development somehow.
    Any comments are appreciated.
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    Not really sure why you'd want to get two Bachelor's degrees. Just double major or something.
  4. May 5, 2012 #3
    The school I'm going to now doesn't offer the Biomedical degree. I suppose I could transfer to one of the other schools I'm looking at though. Really my question is how much of a benefit would there be to having a degree in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering? Like would I be more marketable in a certain field of Biomedical Engineering or should I just focus on one and possibly go for a masters instead?
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