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Programs Dual Major Undergraduate program vs. Extra year

  1. Jun 6, 2017 #1
    Hello. So due to some life circumstances i was not able to finish all my coursework of my 3-year BS.c program last year.

    Thus i have about 24 credits I will take next year. My plan was to finish those courses, and then along that take courses in another university, in biochem on the side. That would amount to about 1. year biochem.

    My alternative is to buff up my current program and add on more courses, so that I will be able to finish two different engineering undergraduate programs, i.e a dual major. This would be mechatronics+biomedical eng.

    Now biochem is very related to what i want to do, but i feel a couple of the courses wont very much help me. Such as "microbiology" and "evolutionary" bio. Biochem, physical chemistry, molecular biology are all very important to me though.

    Do graduate schools like students that have finished a dual major Undergraduate degree? Or does it not really matter. Will grad schools look at my 1 year in biochem and think that i have lack of direction or will they see it as quality/good experience?
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    I'm not an expert in biochemistry, but if you want to go to graduate school for biochemistry, I suspect most graduate schools will look for you to have a degree in biochemistry.

    A dual major won't matter to an admissions committee if neither of the majors qualify you to study in their field.

    If you want to go to graduate school for biomedical engineering, the admissions committee will be more interested in your engineering coursework.
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