What is Dual major: Definition and 26 Discussions

A dual carriageway (British English) or divided highway (American English) is a class of highway with carriageways for traffic travelling in opposite directions separated by a central reservation. Roads with two or more carriageways which are designed to higher standards with controlled access are generally classed as motorways, freeways, etc., rather than dual carriageways.
A road without a central reservation is a single carriageway regardless of the number of lanes. Dual carriageways have improved road traffic safety over single carriageways and typically have higher speed limits as a result. In some places, express lanes and local/collector lanes are used within a local-express-lane system to provide more capacity and to smooth traffic flows for longer-distance travel.

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  1. J

    Programs Dual Major Undergraduate program vs. Extra year

    Hello. So due to some life circumstances i was not able to finish all my coursework of my 3-year BS.c program last year. Thus i have about 24 credits I will take next year. My plan was to finish those courses, and then along that take courses in another university, in biochem on the side. That...
  2. R

    Schools Admittance into MIT Physics Grad School with an Undergraduate Engineering Degree

    Hello all, This is my first post here. I will be transferring to University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) in the fall with two associates degrees in Art and Science. I was accepted into the School of Mechanical Engineering. My original plan was to finish my undergrad, then go to grad...
  3. Amey Shukla

    Programs Help in choosing one Engineering Major along Physics Major.

    Hello, I am a high-school student. I'll be going to a college next year. I've decided to pick up Physics as a major. The employment sector, for physics, is not as rich as Engineering sector. Due to parents, who only wish to see me succeed, I've planned to pick up one other Engineering Major...
  4. M

    Schools Is math/physics dual major worth it?(to get into grad school

    Hi everybody! To be concise -My undergraduate majors are math and physics -I want to go on and do research in physics (probably theoretical/mathematical physics) and be a professor. -My GPA is a 3.98 and Real Analysis and Abstract Algebra will likely drag down my GPA (I'm currently in these...
  5. L

    Programs Joint Degree in Computer Science and Physics.

    Hello,I just graduated from high school and i will be starting university in fall 2016 at the University of Manitoba in Canada. They have a joint degree program in physics and computer science which is a program I'm considering since, I enjoy studying about both disciplines. I would like your...
  6. A

    Programs What's the Best Option? EE/CS Dual Major vs CE

    I'm still exploring which field is for me, and to ask which is better would be pointless. So instead I want to know: what exactly is the difference between a Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Dual Major/Degree as opposed to a Computer Engineering Major? I realize computer engineering...
  7. S

    Programs EE & CS dual major or one BS and a MS. Long but detailed

    Im debating between two options. Background: I started out as ME and then transferred early to EE. Currently I'm 1/3 of the way to an EE bachelor and a few CS classes deep. First I was thinking of doing a CS minor with my EE major (5 years), but then I realized that with an extra year of...
  8. J

    Programs Aerospace and Physics Double/Dual Major

    So, I am getting close to college (going to Mississippi State), and I know I want to do ASE and Physics (pref. Theoretical). MSU doesn't offer Engineering Physics or I would do that, but on the bright side I worked my ass offin high school, and I am transferring with 33 dual enrollment hours. My...
  9. D

    Programs Physics/CS Double Major: Advice Needed

    Hey guys, I just started my second semester of a physics degree at a fairly unknown university. Anyway, due to AP credits and some community college classes I took in HS, it seems to me that with some careful planning I can finish the degree in ~2 -2.5 years. I was debating on whether or not a...
  10. P

    Programs Indecisive with a dual major Science and Engineering

    Hey guys, Science I want to major in either applied mathematics or theoretical physics. I know it sounds cute to most real mathematicians but I love solving integrals (serious) and even in my free time I print out sheets at home and do numerous of weird integral calculus problems. However, I...
  11. N

    Programs Dual Major in Physics and Chemistry?

    Right now I'm going into my junior year of high school, and college has been on my mind a lot. I just finished AP Chemistry and I'm going to be taking AP Physics B next year and I am interested in both sciences very much, I was wondering if some colleges offer a double major program for...
  12. M

    Schools Dual Major, Crappy Cum. GPA, can I apply to top schools

    Stats after the fall semester (the time I will be applying for graduate school for Physics) Best case scenario I will have a 3.4 cumulative GPA, 3.85 Physics GPA, and a 3.0 Math GPA Dual Mathematics and Physics major, took 5 years to complete. 1st - 3rd year grade were par or less...
  13. D

    Physics Dual Major: Math vs Engineering

    So I've decided that I am going to become a physicist(a theoretical physicist , field is still undecided). I'd like to co-major in either math or engineering so I'd like you guys to evaluate Physics-Math Double Major as opposed to Physics-Engineering Double Major What are the adv/disadv of...
  14. J

    Chem.E, dual major or language minor?

    I'm going to school for chemical engineering with an emphasis in biotechnology, in the hopes of working for a corporation out of school, but eventually founding my own business. As I looked at the curriculum for chem engineering however, I realized I'll have a LOT of free time if I only do the...
  15. P

    Programs Dual major ME/MFG to BS? Or MS ME?

    I'm wrapping up my first two years at the Community College and I'll have an AS in MET and an AS in MFT. I like the manufacturing and I see good work with it and want to continue with it. My dilemma is whether to go to the expensive private Uni or stick with the State/Regional for the rest of...
  16. M

    Engineering Dual major in: physics, computer engineering

    Hello, I am currently a Jr. in high school and I am very interested in physics and computers. I would like to get a Ph.D. in physics (with emphasis of quantum mechanics or particle physics). For a career I would eventually like to build/research dealing with quantum computing, or be a particle...
  17. M

    Need to drop part of dual major (how employable is EE)?

    Hi guys, I'm looking at potentially dropping my computer engineering degree from my dual degree plan (EE is my other degree). I would still maintain an emphasis in computer engineering for my degree, but do you think by doing this I will be harming my chances to be employable after...
  18. C

    Schools Dual Major Math & CS -> Grad school in either?

    Hey all, I'm starting uni in 2010, and am still somewhat unsure of what I want to study. In Canada, I can dual major in Mathematics and Computer Science, my two main interests, which I can't do in Norway. My question then, is.. If I dual major in Math & CS, will I be able to apply to grad...
  19. 8

    Programs Considering a dual major in astrospace and chemistry

    Senior in high school, considering my choices in college. Is it a smart decision to have a dual major in Asrtospace engineering and chemistry or would it go better with physics? Or is just a smarter idea to focus on just one major and have a minor? But if it is possible(or realistic in the...
  20. F

    Experience and or Thoughts on Dual Major E.E.+M.E.

    Does anyone know if it is worth doing both Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering? Does it help or hurt? Anyone know of a person who has done this and what was there outcome.
  21. A

    Programs How Important is Dual Majoring for a Career in Astronomy or Astrophysics?

    I'm already majoring in physics but plan on majoring in math as well. If I'm aiming to go into astronomy or astrophysics, I assume the math BS would help like steroids, right? And how important should it be for me to get into the state university to study said fields if I plan on going to...
  22. L

    Programs Auto industry and EE/ME dual major

    I want to get into the R&D team at one of the big 3. I am currently a dual major in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, which is a 167 credit hour program. I am currently a second semester junior in EE and a second semester sophomore in ME. I am going the EE/ME dual major route...
  23. L

    Programs Physics/math dual major with chem minor or physics major with chem/math dual minor

    I've worked it out and due to offering limitations it will take me 3 more years to do the former, and 2 more years to do the latter. I've already been in university for 2 years. The courses I'd need in order to accomplish both are listed below: For the dual major in physics/math with...
  24. L

    Programs Dual major in chemistry and physics of physics and math

    dual major in chemistry and physics or physics and math oops, I meant dual major in chem and physics OR physics and math. So what do you think is better for someone who wants to go into theoretical physics? Should I go for a dual major in chem and physics and a minor in math, or a dual...
  25. L

    Programs Take a look at my fall schedule (physics/chem dual major)

    Fall semester: Intermediate Inorganic Analytical Chem Analytical chem lab Physical chem 1 physical chem 1 lab Advanced Eng. Math Contemporary Physics Contemp. lab :cry: Spring Semester: Quantum Mechanics Physical chem 2 Physical Chem 2 lab Linear Alg. Advanced Organic...