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Dyson bladeless fan/turbine compressor building air cooling?

  1. Apr 15, 2012 #1
    the dyson bladless fan relies on forcing air out along one side of the rim of a ring, so drawing air from the other side of the ring to create more airflow

    the household implementation of the fan uses an ordinary air compressor at the base to pump the air into the ring, and this creates a noise which is more prominent than that which is produced by the blades of a regular fan

    does anyone know , if anyone has used the bladless fan in such a way as to have the compressor at a remote location, and the ring connected by high pressure air hoses to the compressor?

    furthermore, for the pump/compressor, it needs to be able to have a high air flow rate, especially when it is supplying compressed air to many bladeless fans...would a design like the compressor stages of a jet turbine engine work well?

    the idea is that it would compress the air, causing it to heat up... the hot compressed air would then pass through a radiator section where flowing air bypassed from the pump (somewhat like the bypass air from modern jet engines) will cool the air to near ambient temperatures.... when the compressed air reaches the fans, the decompression will cause a temperature drop in the air, thus provide an air conditioning effect, in addition to supplying fresh air in the building and causing large amounts of air circulation due to the function of the bladless fan
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    Sure. We could also call those (not so) high pressure "hoses" ducts. Then instead of bypassed air for cooling we could use refrigerant. Lastly, instead of rings we'll use vents.

    Anyway, I'd say you're exaggerating the "compressor" and its effects of heating and cooling.
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    You can get a lot of heating but it takes a lot of energy so is not efficient.
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    It is my understanding that what the Dyson has is much more accurately described as a centrifugal blower, not a compressor. It doesn't produce anywhere near the pressure of a compressor. A couple of inches of W.G. instead of many PSI. So there wouldn't be much cooling effect.
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    does the air flowing out of the bladeless fan create alot of noise? it is normally hard to tell due to the noise of the blower in the base of the commercially available Dyson fans... so would situating the air pump remotely and connecting to the ring via hoses allow air to be circulated silently?
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    There is still a fan inside of the blower. It is basicly a gas/gas eductor.
    Similar to a natural draft cooling tower you would fine on a nuke plant.
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    I've checked these things out. Much of the the noise is definitely coming from the outlet duct.
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