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Ear piercing

  1. Mar 19, 2010 #1
    Well, I've been wanting to get my ear pierced for sometime now. I had it pierced when i was younger but it got ripped out playing football :cry:. When I get it done before it was done by a piercing gun and I just had to keep it clean and not irritate it... they pierced it with a stud.

    Now that I'm thinking about getting it done again I've been looking it up where I should go and alot of people say not to get it done by a piercing gun.... the thing is though that it's a lot more expensive to get it done by a piercing needle, and it doesn't look to me to be ALL that much more different.

    Any experience with you guys?

    Oh and if it makes any difference I am a male :tongue:
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    Be a man and do it yourself with a needle you find behind some dumpsters.

    It doesn't matter. It's a such a brainless 5 second job. Stop thinking and just do it :)
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    My daughter had her ears done with a gun at a mall shop and it was fine. When she had her belly button pierced, we went to a specialty piercing shop that had really stringent policies on cleanliness and were very experienced. Although the people looked scary, they were very careful.

    If you are afraid you might have special needs due to a ripped piercing, a doctor should be able to do it. My family doctor pierced my ears.
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    I have no idea what a "piercing needle" is, unless you mean do-it-yourself at home. To which I say, bad idea.

    I had mine done in a mall with a piercing gun. It's over in a flash, no big deal, and they have to maintain clean, hygienic conditions in order to have insurance, and they can't operate without insurance. So. They do a good job and the most pain of it is sting from the alcohol. It's not expensive either. More expensive than do-it-yourself, mind, but it can't be any more than $20, is it?

    Anyway, I'd recommend that as the way to go. And if anything does go wrong, you've got recourse.
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    Our 3 girls had theirs done this past week - only 2 are happy.
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    Do they do your nails at the same time you are getting your ears pierced? I suppose they talk about the latest gossip too!

    The word "man" "pierce" and "ear" do not belong in the same sentence unless it is in the sentence "i pierced a mans brain with a spike through the ear"
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    Specialty piercing shops usually use a regular needle instead of a gun. The piercer I saw used a clamp, very much like a small set of tongs with a hole in it, to take hold of the fleshy bit of your choice and the put the needle through. The only real advantage I could imagine here is that you might get more exacting placement of the piercing in the event that you intend to get multiple in and around the same location.

    So, zomgwtf, if you intend to get multiple piercings, low gauge jewelry, or stretchers then go to a piercing shop. Otherwise I see no reason why the gun wont work just as well.
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    I just like plain ears whether man/woman.
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    I'm not afraid of actually getting my ears pierced, and I was thinking about doing it myself Greg I was actually gonna get my buddy to do it tonight but we were in a pool hall so the opportunity to do it never came up.

    What I've been hearing though is about how the piercing gun people don't have really any training and the piercings are crooked. As well you are more prone to infection becaues the gun works by forcing the stud through your ear where as the needle is hollow and cuts through your skin. I am just wondering what would be the better method, I'm just gonna go with the piercing gun though as everyones suggesting, I don't see why I should go to a tattoo shop and fork over $50 to put a hole in my ear when Claires does it for free basically (you have to buy some 20$ kit).
  11. Mar 19, 2010 #10
    Lol well, I think they look pretty good on guys (no homo), hopefully I can pull it off but if not it's not exactly hard to take it out.
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    I was joking, go to the mall and get it done in 5min :)
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    Shouldn't you be partying with the rest of the staff?!?!!?
  14. Mar 19, 2010 #13
    He is far too worried about your ear piercing dilemma to be partying! As was I, which is why I am at home right now.
  15. Mar 19, 2010 #14
    Hahahaha well thank goodness it's been resolved. I must admit, while at the pool hall tonight I wasn't myself, this piercing emergency has my mind in other places. We can all go back to our regular lives now though. Until tomorrow when I actually get it done.
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    Just finished dinner with the gorgeous MIH, changing into party gear! :!!)
  17. Mar 19, 2010 #16
    I must say I'm quite jealous :!!)
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    Whenever I give bad advice, I think of it as thinning out the gene simmons pool.
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    Needle is hollow, but it doesn't matter. Nothing is left inside, after all this is not a different needle than the one used for shots. They just go through skin and don't get clogged.
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    Because the needle is hollow the edges are razor sharp meaning it cuts through your tissue instead of forcing it's self through. That's how the argument goes anyway.
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