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I Earth rotation different in hemisphere

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    Why earth rotates from West to East in southern hemisphere and East to West in northern hemisphere?? Is this true,if yes then explain please.
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    It's always nice to get a post from an alternative universe. Is the Reimann Hypothesis true where you come from?
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    why would you think that ?

    the sun rises in the east in both hemispheres, and since the earth is essentially a solid body, it cant do anything but, as a whole, rotate in the same direction

    LOL true

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    I think you're meaning this.

    The sky rotates differently if you look to the other sky hemisphere.
    It rotates clockwise if you're looking at the northern hemisphere, but it rotates counter-clockwise if you're looking at southern hemisphere.
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    Perhaps the OP is making a poorly worded reference to the Coriolis Force?
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    How it can happen please give detail information
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    When you are in the northern hemisphere, the north pole is pointed up, but when you are in the southern hemisphere, the north pole is pointed down. Stand on your head in one hemisphere and the sun will move the same way in the northern hemisphere as in the southern.
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    No it isn't true.
    The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West for both hemispheres, so they must be rotating in the same direction.
    Besides, if they rotated in opposite directions what do you imagine would be happening at the equator?
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    I'm near the equator.
    The sun rises approximately in the east and sets approximately in the west.
    Now it's time to learn.

    Imagine you're in the middle of a sphere. It's rotating. Both rotating. Have a look around.

    Both celestial hemispheres rotate in the same direction. It's your look that make you feel that it's rotating in the wrong way.

    Some pic:
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