Earths magnetic field is changing

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I heard that a moving magnet creates a charge in a nearby wire. (can you see where im going here?)

If we were to wrap a gigantic wire around the earth, would we in-fact yield some energy and of what magnitude do you expect that to be?

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A rotating magnet does create charge, but the magnetic has to be moved pretty fast in order to generate current, or you would have to have a lot of coils around the turning magnet in ordertro generate sufficient current, but everything on earth will move together with the earth, so it wont be a coil around a rotating magnet, it would be a coil and a magnet rotating which I do not believe would generate current. Secondly, the earths magnetic has 2 poles, most generators now are 3 or 5 phase electrical generators. So my answer to your question, if you are able to wrap a coil round, making it so it does not rotate with the earth ( which is fairly difficult ) you might be able to yield some current through your wire.