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EE, possible minor or double major?

  1. Nov 9, 2009 #1
    Hey, I am a junior at the University of Central Florida. This past summer I switched from a MIS major to electrical engineering. I had to take trig this semester in order to take calc 1 this coming semester. Because calc 1 is a prereq for almost everything, the only other classes I can take next semester are chem 1 and C++ programming.

    I was wondering if I should just focus on these three classes or pick up a fourth and pursue a minor or double major? I have all the core classes for any business degree and I do enjoy accounting so I could major in that as well or minor in it. Majoring in it would drag more time away from my EE major but a minor would most likely be useless, plus you need to pass the CPA to be worth anything?

    Other minor options that fall under the engineering field also require calc 1 as a prereq, really about the only thing that doesnt is international engineering, which would require me to take 2 semesters of a language and a semester of study abroad?

    Is pursuing a minor or another major worth it? Or should I just focus on EE?
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    The EE Degree itself is the toughest in my book to get out of all engineering fields. The math is very intense, it's like if your doing a double in math and engineering.

    Now, it seems that your better off finishing EE and getting an MBA which is a very and common path that engineers are taking nowadays. At my local job fair the other day, recruiters are looking for people with experience in management which also includes a bit of cost management/accounting. In my Engineering school, every engineering discipline has to take 1 or 2 industrial engineering classes that are closely related to Management and Accounting.

    Heres what i would do according to your post in summarized terms.

    1. BS Electrical Engineering with a minor in management or accounting and then get an MBA.

    Also notice that you don't necessarily need to attain a minor, you can just simply take up all your electives on accounting courses which would really spare your course load. And if you ran out of electives, still take em on the side for grad school purposes.
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