Effect of cross-linking/fillers on relaxation time

  1. Hello all

    I'm glad to join the forums and having the opportunity of having some scientific discussions

    I'd like to discuss with you the effect of cross-linking or adding fillers to the relaxation of a polymer

    I believe that they have the same effect..as both lead to the restriction of the chain mobility

    but the question is...as a result, does the relaxation time increase or decrease?

    restricting the chain mobility means that there will be no motion and consequently the relaxation time decrease? or it means that the motion will take place but at longer time scales..so the relaxation time increases?

    I appreciate your help as it is really confusing for me
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  3. Chestermiller

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    If more and more cross links were added, the relaxation time would have to decrease.
  4. thanks for your answer..but can you clarify why?
  5. Chestermiller

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    It would make the structure stiffer by shortening the segments between cross links.
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