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Effects of sports bra 24/7 on breast fat location

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    i've been wearing a light impact sports bra in place of a normal bra for the past few months, since they are comfortable:

    But i've noticed that my breasts when bare have been shifting to the sides (i'm thinking that it's because the bra applies pressure on the inner side of the breast (since that's where the bra touches the breast, as all sports bra do) , forcing the fat to move more toward the sides , which over time becomes permanent, unless something puts pressure on them to move the opposite way (toward the center). Is it just me, or is this probable?

    I am 23 years old and have never had children. Weight has been pretty constant recently.
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    Interesting question. I had thought there would be something known about it, but haven't found anything. The only interesting article (in a serious (and conservative) newspaper) has been an interview with a french sports medicine Prof. Jean-Denis Rouillon who made a study suggesting that women were better off wearing no bra at all. However he tested only 320 women and mostly athletes and admitted that there isn't a reliable conclusion yet to be drawn. But what has been interesting is, that he said he did some research on the implications of bras first and worldwide and hasn't found anything about it. (Which I find hard to believe.)

    Personally I hold such an effect for possible, but reversible, too. Since breast tissue is placed upon breast musculature, there is only skin and the tissue itself being affected. I would expect some memory effect, which will disappear again. There are natural sources of changes anyway: during the menstrual cycle, during a pregnancy. I think these are much stronger effects and (usually) disappear again as well.
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    You might want to consider paying more and getting a better fitting bra. There are definitely differences. I wish I could remember the brand I used when I was younger, it was great, It was only around $20. The straps were part of the bra, not separate like the one you linked to.

    The bras I wear now (after years of Victoria's Secret) are Hanes and they push in from the sides and give great support. I love them.
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    Many shapes and sizes of breasts, and they point in all directions. Well, not all directions, but not necessarily is the nipple pointing straight ahead.
    Perhaps you were wearing support previously through the years, that pushed the set more closer together.
    And now, with the style of bra in the picture, which seems to be a less strict compression style, the memory effect ( from fresh_42 post ) you are displaying your more natural look, with the skin and ligaments adjusting to the relaxed state.
    That is an opposing opinion to that which you expressed.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    Sports bras aren't intended to be worn normally. They aren't supporting your breasts or back and can be bad on the shoulders and back if worn long-term. They are pressing them tightly together so that they won't jiggle during activity- that's all. What happens is that the elastic and stretchiness of the material becomes worn and it goes from pressing them together, to pressing them down. You don't want that! Wearing one all day also means you will be replacing it more often than a normal bra.

    Like Evo said, you are going to have to find a real bra that supports you. Go and get fitted to find your real size. I've known many women that wear the wrong bra size! They should be wearing a way smaller band size than they do and larger cup size, the band size is the measurement of your under-bust, not your bust. Going down to a smaller band size will increase your cup size needed though. But, it will actually fit.

    It's okay to forgo one at night.
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    jim mcnamara

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    I do not think it is 'fat migration'.

    Ptosis is a general condition of breasts changing shape over time, often sagging. There are a large number of factors - significant weight change, BMI, smoking among them. So things are going to move around as you age. You mentioned weight change so I would first consider that. Rather than your bra.

    You can also google: Cooper's ligaments to see what is happening anatomically. And no, it is not the ligament's 'fault'.

    Anyway, @Fervent Freyja is correct.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    I don't think her breasts could be sagging at 23, that is way too early. From my own experience, what she is describing happens when a bra is too tight and there are no side barriers.
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