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Homework Help: Effects of temperature towards conductivity

  1. Jun 11, 2007 #1
    Ok, i am given this task by my physics group leader and is required to do an experiment based on the following research question:
    To investigate the effect of temperature to the conductivity of a charcoal rod.

    i. How do i heat a charcoal rod to a desired temperature and make it remain constant at that temperature ?

    ii. When i am conducting the experiment as in letting electric curent go through the rod, wouldn't it heat up due to its resistance ? Again, how do i keep the temperature constant ?

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    You don't need to keep the rod at a constant temperature. Can you measure 1)the temperature of the rod, 2)the current flowing through the rod and 3) the voltage across the rod, simultaneously ? If so, you only need to find these values for different currents/temperatures and plot a graph.
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