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Egg Drop- Help!

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Okay. I have to do the egg drop project tomorrow and I need help with ideas for designs.

Available materials:

2 sheets of printer paper
1 meter of tape

I have to build something that can withstand about a 5 meter drop. Additional materials can be 'purchased' with grade points, but only more paper or tape. Paper = 4 points Tape = 4 points New egg = 8 points

I was thinking a parachute but at the same time I don't think I can cushion the fall enough with just that.

Please help!!!

Answers and Replies

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Roll one piece of the paper into a cylinder. Put the egg inside and tape the cylinder flaps closed. Now, take the other piece of paper and make "legs" or braces for the cylinder, so that when you drop it, it will not tip over. Tape the legs to both sides of the cylinder. Also, be sure to tape the egg into the middle of the cylinder to keep the center of mass equal and prevent from tipping over. This goes for the legs too. They have to be equal on both sides.
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Suraj M
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How did it go? Did it work?