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EINSTEIN-VLASLOV EQUATION (to chriss HILMAN or anyone else who cares)

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    What is the Einstein-Vlaslov equation? Thanks !
    - rubecuber
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    Do you mean the http://www.emis.famaf.unc.edu.ar/journals/LRG/Articles/lrr-2002-7/node4.html [Broken] equation?

    It describes a self-gravitating collisionless gas.

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    yes that one
    please explain or give me it (if it is a single equation) (which i doubt)
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    Click on the link in Garth's post.

    It's best to not normally address posts to one specific member, since they may not notice it, and it may discourage others from replying. Oh, and if you do address a post to one person; make sure you spell their name correctly! :smile:
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