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Einstein's The Field Equations of Gravitation Paper

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    Einstein's "The Field Equations of Gravitation" Paper

    I'm trying to find a translated copy of this paper - but i can't find one anywhere! The 1905 papers are all over the place; i thought the this would be similar.

    Does anyone have a copy, or recommendations on where to look?

    P.S. At this point i'd actually consider going to a library and looking at a book that contains it.... Woe, how desperate i've become.
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    Re: Einstein's "The Field Equations of Gravitation" Paper

    There's a Dover book called "The Principle of Relativity" that contains Einstein's fundamental papers on special and general relativity.
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    Re: Einstein's "The Field Equations of Gravitation" Paper

    Einstein's 1915 paper is available here.

    http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Field_Equations_of_Gravitation" [Broken]
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