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Elastic materials for suspension components

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    Is anyone familiar with materials which possess a high tensile strength, but also a low young's modulus (high compliance)? I'm interested in a material which can support large deflections, while offering minimal resistance to it. Also, I'm specifically not interested in non-linear materials (ie only materials which obey Hooke's law)

    Excellent thermal properties and lack of interference with electromagnetic fields would also be desirable.

    I'm familiar with Hytrel. Steve Mowry has recommended it in his articles in audioxpress, but I believe its inherent stiffness may be higher than what I'm looking for.

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    If Hytrel suits your purpose except for its modulus, why not try exploring either another blend of Hytrel (there are quite a few) or an alternative TPE.

    Hybrar, from Kuraray, comes in a wide range of moduli too. To be honest I've only worked with the H7125 blend, but its modulus is certainly lower than Hytrel G3548L. You could also try speaking to a processing company or supplier to see if they can supply it foamed. Obviously you then lose any linearity, but it's still an excellent product for vibration damping. Polyurethanes and silicone rubbers would also provide you with what you're after with potentially a lower achievable range of moduli. Again, non-linearity may be an issue.

    There are plenty of other elastomer brands that would work well - if you're going to be working on any significant scale a good company to talk to is Multibase.
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