Elctric potential ,electric field strength,EPE

  1. can anyone explain me these terms electric potential,electric field strength inside charged sphere and how they are affected by distance.why electric field intensity is zero inside sphere.what is E-V relation,potential difference and electric field intensity
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    Welcome to the PF, ghulamali. What is the context of your question -- what courses are you taking on this subject, and at what educational level? What learning resources do you have at your disposal? You should be able to write out at least the basic static electric field equations for us to discuss.
  4. i am in ALEVEL(advanced level)
    i know definitions of electric potential,electric field intensity
    but plz can u tell me why electric field intensity inside charged sphere is zero
    2: how the electric potential and electric strength varies with distance and 3:measuring potential difference between parallel plate 4:relationship between potential difference and electric field intensity
    plz reply me soon
    i will be thankful to u
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    Nope, sorry. You cannot get help with the questions that your have posed so far. Please re-read the posting rules and try again. You need to tell us what you know and think so far, and then we go crazy helping you.

    This is the best place on the Internet to get tutorial help on technical subjects. But we do not give out answers -- we give out tutorial help to hard-working students. Show us your work so far.
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    And please, please, please, use the Homework Help Posting Template that you deleted when you posted. There's a number of important reasons that we pop that template up, eh?

  7. which graph correctly relates the electric field strength or electrical potential in field of point charge with distance r from charge.
    there are four options,all r straight line graph one is field strength vs r^2,other is field strength vs 1/r and third is potential vs r and fourth is potential vs 1/r.i think its option must be field strength vs 1/r ,it should be 1/r as graph is of directly proportional but electric field intensity is inversly proportional to distance,but book has checked potential vs 1/r,which i cannot understand
    that was my attempt
    plz can u now help me
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    Nope sorry. Try again with the Homework Posting Template.

    The (re-)statement by you of the relevant equations usually solves the problem. Quiz Question -- Why is that?
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