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Electric Machinery Fundamentals by Stephen Chapman

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  1. Feb 3, 2013 #1


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    From the publisher:
    "Electric Machinery Fundamentals continues to be a best-selling machinery text due to its accessible, student-friendly coverage of the important topics in the field.
    In the fifth edition, the use of MATLAB® continues to be incorporated in examples and problems, where applicable. The targeted and thought-provoking problems you've come to appreciate have been retained in this edition."


    Table of Contents
    1 Introduction to Machinery Principles
    2 Transformers
    3 AC Machinery Fundamentals
    4 Synchronous Generators
    5 Synchronous Motors
    6 Induction Motors
    7 DC Machinery Fundamentals
    8 DC Motors and Generators
    9 Single-Phase and Special-Purpose Motors Appendix

    A Three-Phase Circuits Appendix
    B Coil Pitch and Distributed Windings Appendix
    C Salient-Pole Theory of Synchronous Machines Appendix
    D Tables of Contents and Conversion Factors
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  3. Jun 8, 2013 #2
    This book is informative. Only downfall is the lack of answers to questions following each chapter. I have yet to find a book that is similar in nature with answers.
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