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Electrical Analogue Simulating a crystal Lattice

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    hey guys...im stuck with this experiment of an Electrical Analogue Simulating a crystal Lattice....could anyone explain me the whole concept of relating a set of LC filters to a crystal lattice???
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    The transmission of waves (at least 1-dimensional waves) through a crystal lattice is analogous to electrical waves propagating down a transmission line. The lumped-element model of a parallel wire transmission line where the wires are each a long series string of inductors, and where capacitors bridge across the wires, displays dispersion, frequency cutoff, and other characteristics of waves in a solid. If two different values of inductance or capacitance are used at alternating positions in the electrical model, then it displays the acoustic and optic branches and band gap that you also see in a diatomic solid. Leon Brillouin has a detailed and beautiful description in his book "Wave Propagation in Periodic Structures," where he also gives mechanical analogs of same. I think it's out of print, but because it was reprinted by Dover there are a ton of copies floating around. You should find it at your university library.
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    Kindly Help Me Find It!!!

    thanks for the valuable suggestion!
    but i hunted for the book in three related departments of my varsity but could not find a single copy. i even tried to find an e book.please suggest me some link where i can get the online version.the book is not available in the local market...i would request u to scan page numbers 45-68 of the 2nd edition by Dover and upload them to <abhishekminhas@gmail.com>
    it would be a great help
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    Just curious: if you can't find the book, how do you know which pages to request? :smile: Can't help you now, I'm traveling for a couple of weeks.

    I see book is again available in hardcover reprint, see
    http://www.amazon.com/Propagation-Periodic-Structures-Phoenix-Editions/dp/0486495566/sr=8-1/qid=1158208167/ref=sr_1_1/103-4662582-6862250?ie=UTF8&s=books [Broken]

    and used softcover copies are available cheap here

    You might want to buy the book.
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