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Homework Help: Electrical induction and electric field in sphere

  1. May 4, 2012 #1
    Can you get me on tracks with this assignment?

    1. Find out and show in graphs electric induction D(r) and electric field E(r) if the field is created by a charge q, which is even in a hollow dielectric sphere. R1=2 cm, R1=5 cm, εa=2ε0

    So i have a sphere which outter shell is made from dielectric, so i need to calculate eletctric induction only in dielectric sphere? This sphere R would be like R=R1-R2.

    and how to find electric field?

    Tha main problem is how to calculate with the hole in the dielectric sphere, does it make any differeces?
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    Calculate the induction D(r) anywhere in the space by Gauss's law in dielectric, and find E(r) by dividing ε(r)
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