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Electrical vs Systems Engineering

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I'm thinking about doing my masters in either in Systems or Electrical Engineering at the George W. University.

Personally, I have to do a masters for work (it's required). I have no desire to be an engineer anymore, and eventually plan on getting my PhD in business.

Which should I take just in case the PhD in business doesn't work out? I might have to be an engineer or move into management. Does the job outlook/preference differ with EE vs Systems? Also, is "Systems Engineering" kind of vague to employers? Like maybe Microsoft, Intel, etc don't know much about it... I know "Systems Engineering" is popular in the defense world, but I probably won't enter that industry.
Systems engineering is vague, but also you'll have an advantage with companies that are looking for it.

If you want to work in business, don't do a PhD, get an MBA instead. A PhD in business won't really help you.
Thanks for the advice.

So, to the other people out there, especially engineers - what would you think if you saw a masters in systems engineering on a resume that needed an electrical or computer engineer for the job? Or perhaps managing large projects, etc?

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