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B Electricity and the operation of induction motors

  1. Aug 4, 2016 #1
    How electricity passing through a conductor produces magnetic field around it. How an induction motor works. The energy or electricity which passes trough green earthing wire is transmitted into the ground. Why this energy is not conserved and can be used in future. All these three things are connected to the motion of electrons. Can this phenomena can be explained. How induction motors are used in various domestic gadgets. How inverter works. All this is connected to the flow of electrons only.
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    There are different ways to answer this question, but it depends largely on your background.

    Are you familiar with the Biot Savart law or Maxwell's equations? Are you familiar with Coulomb's law and special relativity?

    This is not correct. In a functioning circuit very little energy goes into the ground. Energy is conserved.
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    Well, each question has a different explaination. It would be better if you created separate threads for each question.
    Yes. That is called electric current.

    Could you elaborate this? Energy is always conserved. That's one of the fundamental governing laws of the universe.
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    No current flows through the 'green' earth wire in normal circumstances. It is a safety feature and , like a lifeboat on a cruise ship, you hope that it will never be needed. You should find out what the function of the earth wire is before you feel able to talk about its role in conservation of energy.
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    Just because electric current flows through a conductor doesn't mean electrical power is being dissipated by that conductor. Try a problem with I2R through the conductors and through the load.
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