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(Electro)magnetic properties of mylar? If you wrap a laptop in mylar

  1. Jul 25, 2014 #1
    Mylar is an insulator, but it is coated with metal. Intuitively it should be possible to wrap a laptop in mylar and insulate the laptop from radio signals... but is there any chance it might affect magnetically the computer and/or its hard drive? I mean a very loose airy wrapping, like in packaging, not a tight wrapping like in gift boxes. After all, we do have capacitors made of mylar...

    [Incidentally, I did wrap the laptop in mylar for a while after a wi fi-induced BSOD, and I had briefly (?) the impression that it went lighter! But of course it was subjective...]

    Danilo J Bonsignore
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    Is this the only physics forum in The Web? HOPE NOT...
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    There's no need to be snide. Threads sometimes fall through the cracks without being answered.

    I doubt the mylar would have any effect on your computer's hard drive since it isn't magnetized.
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