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Electromagnetics-general questions

  1. Aug 4, 2012 #1
    I am trying to make an electromagnet with the strongest possible magnetic field, I am familiar with the formulas and (most of) the forces at work and how they relate to each other, but I am left with a few questions. First, I considered the possibility of adding some permanent magnets to my electromagnet to increase the overall field strength--I can't see anything wrong with this in theory, but I could be issing something. The other thing I have been wondering about is the type of wire I am using--I would love any suggestions on what type is the best. Mainly what I'm wondering is how the insulation affects the magnetic field. I imagine it must diminish the strength somehow, but how significant is the difference. Any help and advice anyone could offer wounld be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Once your core material is 'magnetically saturated' the increase in magnetic flux with increase of current begins to behave as that of air. adding permanent magnets will mean that less ( or more depending upon the orientaion of the core in relation the the magnetic field produced by the current ) current will needed to produce the same flux as a core that is not a permanent magnet.

    The more densely wound the wire, the better it is to constain all the flux lines within the core. A thinner insulation is preferable.
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