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Electron shell further away from nucleus higher Energy lvl?

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    Using electrical potential energy =1/4πεo Q1Q2/r , a particle further away from nucleus has lower magnitude of energy

    Using coulomb's law, a particle further away from nucleus experiences weaker attraction, hence less energy is needed to maintain orbit* around that e-shell compared to a electron shell closerr to nucleus, hence the one closer to nucleus supposedly should have higher energy.

    *i know in reality e- does not orbit around a atom, but its position exists as a probability density of radial probability function.
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    No energy is needed to "maintain an orbit" regardless of what the energy level is. What requires energy is removing an electron from a bound state.
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    [SORRY TYPO] :
    It's position exists as a probability density OR* radial probability function
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    Is it possible to edit the contents of the thread?
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    Ahh yes ! Okay, i understand better now.
    Yes, no energy is needed for an electron to maintain an orbit as acceleration is perpendicular to direction of motion

    Removing e- from a atom or transitioning it to a higher energy level requires energy.

    Thank you , orodruin !
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